Zhangjiajie ampelopsis tea

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Zhangjiajie ampelopsis tea

Zhangjiajie is rich in ampelopsis tea, also known as vine tea, which contains 17 kinds of amino acids, 14 kinds of trace elements and high functional components, flavonoids ≥ 6%. Due to the special growth environment, the value composition is the highest, known as: longevity vine, fairy grass and Tujia divine tea.



The edibility of ampelopsis tea

The name of ampelopsis tea is xiantoothed snake grape. The national health and Family Planning Commission of the people’s Republic of China approved that the leaf of this crop can be used as food raw materials in the form of brewing in 2013 (for details, see the announcement on approving three new food raw materials such as xiantoothed snake grape leaf (No. 16 in 2013)).


Ampelopsis tea ingredients

The effective components of ampelopsis tea are mainly total flavonoids and dihydromyricetin, as well as some flavonoids, which can play the role of bacteriostasis, antioxidation and hypoglycemic. If you are interested, you can see this review (download link of liancha research progress HowNet) and its subsequent references.       

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